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College Planning

Preparing for college is an exciting and confusing time for both you and your student. Our job is to simplify your application process and make sure that you enter the college planning process with full knowledge of how the funding process works.

Every college in the United States uses the FAFSA or CSS Profile to predict how much they believe a student's family can afford to pay for tuition. This means that as soon as you walk in the door, they know exactly what you can afford and how much they can afford to grant your student in gift aid. Coupled with the fact that college is a requirement for most professional jobs, they know that the family will pay.

Think of it as going into a car lot, telling the car salesman you absolutely need the car, and then telling him exactly what you can afford (not the price of the car!).

Luckily, there are ways to reduce what the colleges see. Patrick Moore can help guide you through the financial, educational, and social parts of the college process.

Whether it's the FAFSA, a college visit, or SAT prep; we can help!

Saving Money

We help you plan the most efficient ways to save your money for college expenses.

Reducing Costs

Reducing your out of pocket expenses for college can save you thousands of dollars over four years.